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瑞士洛加诺国际电影节 Open Doors
2009 更棒的中国

继上次以拉美为主题的Open Doors的成功之后,在今年2009年瑞士洛加诺国际电影节 Open Doors的评选环节将目光对准更棒的中国。


Open Doors 的项目经理Vincenzo Bugno评价到:“如今人们已经不能忽视华语影片的重要性。中文影片对于影院来说像是一片沃土,并且从艺术和商业层面上看它都拥有一个多样化的生产模式和结构层次。在中国有大型制作公司和著名的导演,但是也还有无数的至今不为人知的电影制造者,他们或许可以对未来的电影事业做出卓越的贡献,其中包括国际合作。”

电影节艺术总监Frédéric Maire表示:“我们很高兴能够有机会将2009 Open Doors的主题献给这个地域辽国的大国,其中包括中国大陆、香港和台湾岛。不管从经济还是从文化角度来看,这都是一个重要的机会。我们深信,这个策划、创造性的才能以及我们明年夏天在洛加诺上播放的电影将会吸引专业人事及公众的目光。”

Open Doors工厂将对来自中国大陆、香港和台湾岛的作品进行审核,并从中挑选出一些候选人。被选中的作品的导演和制作人将会参加在电影节期间举办的研讨与实践,其目的在于帮助他们找到合作伙伴,共同制作电影,特别是在欧洲的合作伙伴,从而能加快生产过程。在研讨与实践的尾声将会颁发几个奖项。瑞士对外发展合作部提供两项制作拨款,价值五万瑞士法郎。至于谁能拿到这笔钱,由电影节和瑞士制作支持基金会“东南视觉”共同决定。另外一个奖项由法国中央电影机构提供,价值七千欧元,用来支持新阶段中的首部故事片。

从二月开始Open Doors工厂的申请表可以从http://www.pardo.ch下载


Following the success of the previous edition devoted to Latin America, in 2009 the Locarno International Film Festival’s Open Doors section will focus on Greater China.

This programme is organised for the 7th consecutive year with support from the Swiss Foreign Ministry’s Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

Open Doors project manager Vincenzo Bugno comments “One cannot ignore the importance of Chinese-speaking films today. It is a very fertile territory for cinema, and has a wide variety of production modes, in both artistic and economic terms, as much as on a structural level. There are big production companies and famous directors, but also numerous filmmakers who are as yet unknown, and who might well make significant contributions to future world cinema, including international co-productions.”

For Frédéric Maire, the Festival’s Artistic Director, “We are delighted to be able to devote the 2009 Open Doors section to this enormous region which includes Continental China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Island. It is a major opportunity, from both an economic and cultural standpoint. And we are sure that the projects, creative talent and films that we will screen at Locarno next summer will enthuse both professionals and public alike.”

Open to projects from Continental China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Island, the Open Doors Factory will operate a selection process to choose a dozen candidates. The selected projects’ directors and producers will participate in the workshop organised during the Festival, whose objective is to help them find co-production partners, particularly in Europe, and thus to speed up the production process. At the end of the workshop, several prizes will be awarded. The SDC offers two production grants, worth 50,000 Swiss francs, which are jointly decided by the Festival and visions sud est, a Swiss production support fund. Another prize of 7,000 Euros, offered by the Centre National de la Cinématographie (France), supports a first feature film in development.

Applications forms for the Open Doors Factory will be available from February on
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