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NYK 滨水路仓库 (艺术河畔 工作室NYK)

主管人:Funmihiko Sumitomo
策展人:Mizuki Endo


-  强调社会应用技术作为表达和录制的媒介
-  对于那些记载与我们生活的视觉文化进行思考
-  不同领域间的对话,比如现代艺术和媒体艺术;电影和行为艺术及其它
-  关注亚洲和日本的艺术实践和艺术活动


一些主题对于当代视觉艺术有特殊重要性,与之相关的一系列的艺术家和机构将被邀请参加此次展出活动。人类本体曾被看作是贯穿的一致性的实体。一些与社会科技相关的形象,比如摄影作品和电影曾在解放人类本体的层面上扮演了极其重要的角色, 特别是在心里分析和人类学领域。对于直觉的理解在世界上一直众说纷纭,而这些形象对其而言以及对于实现一个多元的社会来说正是最重要的表达-录制媒介。我们将深入研究在不同艺术、科学和日常实践中,这种相互的且过渡的“观察”的可能性。

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International Festival of Arts and Media Yokohama 2009
CREAM [Creativity for Arts and Media]

October 31 - November 29, 2009
Shinko Pier Exhibition Hall
NYK Waterfront Warehouse (BankART Studio NYK)
Red Brick Warehouse No.1 and others

Director: Fumihiko Sumitomo
Curator: Mizuki Endo
Organized by: City of Yokohama / Yokohama Arts Foundation
The Organizing Committee for the Festival for Arts and Social Technology

•  Festival overview
International Festival of Arts and Social Technology Yokohama will be held in November 2009. The venues are located around the harbor of Yokohama city, where modernization and westernization of Japan had began in 1859. With attraction of many historical buildings the city preserves the thickness of its historical memories. Also since it is still one of the largest harbors in Japan, various ethnicities make the hybrid character of the city.
The festival consists of exhibition / screenings / forum / performances with:
- emphasize on social technology as a medium for both expressions and recordings.
- consideration on visual culture which engages with archives and memories of our life.
- dialogues between different fields such as contemporary art, media art, film and performances and etc.
- attention to art practices and movements occurring in Asia and Japan.

This festival is a neither a film festival nor a contemporary art exhibition. It is aimed to provide a chance for people to have discussions about possibilities of new expressions and coming changes in our society.

•  Exhibition theme
A number of artists and organizations will be invited to the exhibition based on themes that are considered important for current visual culture. Images associated with social technology, such as photograph and film, played a significant role in freeing human identity that was considered as a consistent entity, especially in the fields of psychoanalysis and anthropology. They are essential expression-recording medium for intuitively understanding that there exist many different viewpoints in the world and for realizing a pluralistic society. We will look into the possibility of this reciprocal and transitional “observation” among various artistic, scientific and everyday practices.
Today's media technology is influencing our life even without noticing about it. The exhibition will focuses on our visual culture from such relationship between space and the body.
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