We are called…我们叫

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We are called…

Zhao Chuan

ACTORS:some others and I
SCENE:in a crowded daily site which is not special for performance

﹝I, standing there, start clapping heavily.
Others, following with my rhythm, clap one after another. Maybe even more people will join in.
I stop and ask others to stop with me. Then I look around and face the audience.

I:﹝loudly﹞What should I call you here? Comrade! Sir! Miss! Boss! Big Boss! Master! Buddy! Dude! Waiter! Hey, waiter, did you hear me? You, do not thrust your finger into my dish when you hold the bowl. See your fingernails? How dirty they are! You are neither sir nor lady, neither the handsome nor the beautiful. You have to be aware of your job. Stand upright! Walk steadily! Do what you should do! Do not dillydally! Do not giggle! Do not whisper! Behave yourself! Do not doze! To serve, to serve, I ask you to serve! I call you waiter! Aunt! Pal! Uncle! Commander! Idiot! Satyr! Director of neighborhood committee! Foe! Astronomer! Old carpenter! Petit bourgeois! BoBos! Truck driver! An appellation is a crossing which radiates in all directions, leading to different life styles. So which place, which direction and which road on earth should my truck drive for? You have to know that in my truck there are over ten tons of earth on which we stand! Only you can tell me, my leader! You have small eyes yet wide horizon; you are short in stature yet well-preserved and have a seductive wife; you, with haughty airs, live in mansions, charge, use and make big money and move by car; you let your son succeed you and your grandson go abroad . I call you son of bitch! Fool! Psychopath! Cripple! Small potato! Director General! Director General? Director General──? Is that you? That happened last year. You have already been caught. You should’ve been caught a long time ago. Such thing should’ve been paid attention to earlier. You should’ve already been sentenced. Your corruption was not very big, just nearly RMB ten million, only if we ignore your U.S. dollar, Euro and several mistresses. I call you president! General manager! Weren’t you called Secretary, village head and director, eh? I call you tractor driver! Sorority Director! Village doctor! Farmer! Small town boy! Strong labor! Artel member! Member of people’s commune! Educated youth! Advanced worker! Industrious worker! You said that thirty years ago, you crossed rivers by touching stones everyday due to the craze for Deng Xiaoping’s theory and made the small town full of stories due to the craze for Teresa Teng! The town has completely changed since then. With the flooding of migrant population and Taiwan and Hongkong businessmen, the place in front of your home has become brothel. You said you were always hungry, but now, you make love after speculating! I want the details!You, tell me the details! Tell me the story! I call you storyteller! Crosstalk performer! Folk artisan! Traveling player! Vender! Little fellow! Wage earner! Low incomer! Retail investor! Shareholder! Chinese Buffet! Trader! Securities analyst! Loser! Tearfully, you look out of the window, with mood as gloomy as your face and as messy as the traffic. You were ruthlessly determined by the market to be a good-for-nothing, a disaster-maker, the one missing the boat, the one destroying the property, family, marriage, prospects, children, job, life and life ideal. They call you debtor! You have lost the money game, so you shall be punished in the name of law! I never told you to turn on the gas nor swallow the pill nor cut wrists nor jump the building. I don’t want to call you a suicide! A felo-de-se! I call you proletariat! The oppressed! Working class! Young Pioneer! Big Brother! Big pot eater! Model worker! Workshop manager! Factory director! Factory leader! Company leader! Superior! Supervisor! Boss! Minister! Military commander! Brigadier! Militia company commander! Olympic trial! Olympic sponsor! Gold medalist! World record holder! Insurance salesman! Security guard! Look at yourself, a laid-off worker, a low-incomer! How could you still safeguard others? What a joke! In the past while you were a member of the propaganda team of Mao Zedong thoughts, you always kept head aloft; now, however, you bow and scrape all the time.  You, beckoning and saluting, beg rich for a job! Ok, I give you a job! I call you beggar! Cadger! Escapee! Prisoner! Idiot! Muddler! Cynic! Fairy! Prodigy! Laotze! Heaven emperor! Monk! Moderator! Examinee! Migrant worker! Electrician! Porter! Dustman! Plumber! Part-time maid! Top-grade fitter! Grandpa! Old man! Philosopher! Linguist! Historian! Pioneer! While asked to look back the earth from the moon, you said the only man-made thing you could see was the Great Wall! So you call that civilization? Then how about this: building great walls everywhere on the earth, reclaiming the land from all the seas, leveling off all the mountains and burrowing eighteen holes like honeycomb briquette? With all the rich living on the surface and all the poor living in caves, we together dive into the stock market, and on occasions, create arts on the surface and perform civil dramas in the caves. I call you God! Lord! Allah! The Savior! Martian! ET! Cosmic being! Conceptual artist! Upstart! MBA! Sinner! Addlehead! Son of bitch! Pig! Shortsighted! Myope! Small potato! You vigorously show off your knowledge, from book of changes to Susan Sontag, boasting that your thought is all rooted in ancient Greece, that it is you that make Tao te ching valuable, that you study astrophysics and master more than seventy foreign languages, that you are New Left, believing market and democracy while hating autocracy, that you are low-keyed and evade from the world and that you are well-known on the Internet! I call you giant! Master! Wizard! You say a minute on heaven is equal to hundreds of years on earth! Which way to turn? I call you earth-fixer! You say the world is a mess! I call you striver! The grass-rooted! Disadvantaged group! Marcher! Idealist! Radical! Rebel! Revolutionary! Carbonari! Protester! Terrorist! Busy body! Robin Hood! Hero! Outlaw! Stalker! Big fellow! Chap! Sister! Mother! Pacifist! Infant! Angel! Diplomat! Chairman! You damned! Bucher! Dictator! Congressman! Sir! Sir, hello, hello, how do you do?I order you to send US army back home, from under piles of wire and beside landmines on latitude 38 degrees north in North Korea, from the red light district in the U.S. Airbase at Okinawa, from the Philippines, from Afghanistan, from within the fearful patrol cars in Iraq, from the unwelcome foreign place, from the false duty and real desire for power and wealth! I order you to be back to Tali Creek in Colorado Georgetown, to sad Jazz in Grief Bar at Bourbon Street in New Orleans, to Maine, to Birginia, to the Rocky Mountain, to Washington, to Capitol Hill, sons to parents, fathers to wife and children, the dead to cemeteries, students to class, labors to labor! I call you labor! People! The daughter of people! The servant of people! The representative of people! The soldier of people! The model of people! Great Leader! Chairman Mao! You, standing on top of a mountain in northern Shaanxi, said: The land so rich in beauty has made countless heroes bow in homage! You called both imperialism and the reactionaries paper tigers! But do we also call the South China tiger paper tiger? I still call it South China Tiger! I call you picture tiger! Internet tiger fighter! Net worm! Human search engine! You think I am about to tell what is tigers? Do you know how many things in the world with a fine start but a poor finish! I call you circus owner! Foreign boss! Chinese director! Foreign aid! Punk! Son of bitch! Young comrade! Retire the cadre! Beauty writer! Old fox! Old-timer! Teacher! Lord! Emperor! Young buddy! President! Professor! Nasty! Classmate! Wulitou! Prophet! Are you a prophet? Of course! Then please tell me what you know first. Is it the doomed change of humanity or the eternity of land? Is it the upcoming raining or the remarrying of your parents? Is it the inevitable death of human being or the inflation of RMB? Is it “day if have feeling as well old for day” or “the discipline of human society is vicissitude”? I call you dad? Mom! Uncle! Auntie! Mother-in-law! Brother-in-law! Kid! Brother! Brother! Brother? Who said I am your brother? Even brothers have to keep careful accounts, so how about that old accounts? You, chopped off one of my legs, killed my three men by explosion, took two of my boats, raped over one thousand women in my country to death, killed three hundred thousand civilians of my nation, occupied five of our mountains and eight of our rivers, cleansed my race and harried my country! So are we even? This is not finished! You haven’t got away with that yet. I won’t let you lead a calm life! I call you spiritual leader! Archbishop! Barbarian! Governor! Chieftain! Castellan! Castellan’s wife! Secret mistress! Old gentleman! Chief! Guard! Small business owner! Sublessor! Bastard! Handsome! Lady-killer! Old man! You awful old man, crossed the great divide so easily, saving all the worries yet leaving me alone in such a world. I can bear no more. What on earth did those bastards come in clusters fifty, thirty and ten years ago? They always did ideological work with numerous principles, polite in the beginning yet rude afterwards. They had the power to move us to the frontiers which were so desolate that even the ghost would escape, to the lean mountains, to the poor villages, to the dark countryside, to the dead coffins and to sputum with phthisis, to live on air, to eat sweet potato leaves, to plane pit on the hard grounds, to do prostitution, to be kicked ass, to be cursed and finally to commit suicide if we just couldn’t understand the world! I call you pig! A pig is something unhuman. Are you human? I call you responsible person! Bully! The king of Hell! Richest man! Outlaws! General! Lord Chancellor! Lawyer! Captor! Imperial Swordsman! Bitch! Son of bitch! Lapdog! Lady! Little maid! Principal! Monitor! University student! Big sister! Miss Hong Kong Pageant! Little girl! Mainland baggage! Immigrant baggage! Footbath baggage! Shampoo baggage! Baggage, baggage! Can’t you hear any flirtation or superiority from the words? I call you northern girl! Northern baggage! Hooker! Sweetheart! Honey! Lover! Valentine! Concubine! Rapist! Darling! Darling! Darling, darling, I think what you want to do is to take my heart and to fry it for dish! I call you baby! My Sweety! Husband! Wife! Mistress! A has-been old mistress with saggy breasts! A mistress who used to live in Shenzhen mistress-village during the beginning period of Reform and Opening Up! Grand aunt! A john! Bar girl! Porn star! Man! Goat! Playboy! Don Juan! Bitch! Hoodlum! Rogue! Rascal! Druggy! Boss! Big brother! Old hand! Old liar! Liar? Who is liar? Who has never told a lie? How could you have never lied? There is no way that you have never lied to anyone! How could you possibly have never lied? Can you guarantee to Chairman Mao, to Communist Party, to Republican Party, to Democratic Progressive Party, to Liberal Party or to Social Democratic Party? And whom can the Parties guarantee to? How can the Parties guarantee? I call you politician! Statesman! Steersman! Captain! Pilot! Tycoon! Oil tycoon! Mining tycoon! Transportation tycoon! Media tycoon! Arms tycoon! Secretary General! Director-general! Landlord! Developer! Sponsor! Fashionable personage! Director of the sixth generation! Celebrity! Best-selling author! Columnist! Person in speculation! Gourmet! Chef! International curator! City planner! Rock star! Successful person! Your successful glossy face reflects millions of muddy faces of those losers! They have no diploma, no property, no ability, no intelligence, no vitality and no charm. What can they do only with their strength? Their destiny is doomed to be death or failure! I call you labor! Junk dealer! Miner! Brick burner! Victim who was cheated to the mountain! Victim who was broken the bones! The chilled! The starved! Illegal vender! The disadvantaged! Accidental dead man! Man deprived of liberty! Minor! Mentally disabled person! Stupid! Special Olympics athletes! Hero! Great man! General Designer! Former governor! Strategist! Great soldier! Warrior! Hacker! Moderator! PhD! Lady! New comrade! Old bastard! Waiter! Young nurse! Doctor! Patient! Physician in charge! Patient of serious diseases! Residents! Emergency case! Specialist! Patient in debt! Surgeon! Patient in terminal cancer! Director of hospital! Vegetable! Old fucking guy! Chronic invalid! Dun! Recovering patient! Nuts! Momus! Overseas educated! Drunker! Bartender! Give me wine! Wine! Wine! Wine! Wine! Wine! Wine! In the end, things will mend! Never leave the wine cup empty in moonlight! Ask a boy to trade steed and costly fur for fine wine; drink them to drown our sorrow!I call you enemy! Foe! Watchman! A third wheel! Blind guy!Blind man! But you heart is more bright than mine! I call you engineer! Administrative director! Chief Executive! Barber! Vagrant! Gambler! You damn fool! Judge! Justice! Sex maniac! Artist! Beauty! My dearest! I order you to take all your clothes off! Stark naked! And now, up your breast, lift your butt! I bet one tenth of men will be a bachelor. China is short of man, of water, of energy, of value, of belief and of morality! You call me husband! Do you want a boy or a girl, or no child? No child! I call you salesman! Freelance! Broker! Movie fan! Visitor! Living friend! Powerhouse! Female song fan! Literature youth! Fashion model! PR girl! Little fairy! Fox! National Father! National Mother! National Uncle! National Theft! Country theft! Prince Party! National treasure! Grasshopper! Lazy bone! Parasite  ! Leper! Coward! Kid! Master! Adviser! Designer! Bartender! Poet! Oral poet! Second-rate poet! Sex poet! Immigrant poet! You say in your poem that take/the mother language/ back to country/ and/ fuck it, I/ take/ the father language/ out at sea/ and sow it! I call you new immigrant! Immigrant! I want you to find water and oil! I want you to live near water and it would be better if there is also a large amount of oil! You say what you want to find is gold and you want to go to gold-paved places! I call you gold miner! Gold visitor! Boat man! Stowaway! Smuggler! Labor contractor! Architect! Distinguished guest! Pianist! Emcee! Banker! Spy! Reporter! Bookseller! Flirt! Diver! Revolutionist! The Only child! Child from single-parent family! Your parents have divorced for a long time. Living with your father, you barely had enough to eat. Living with your mother, however, she only wanted you to make big money, to return home from abroad with a PhD, to make great fortune overnight, to a marry rich guy and to reach high social status. You let her down! You ran away from home, passing over the snow mountains and grasslands, eating the grass roots and belt! I call you old Red Army man! You said the death of a man is like the extinguishing of a lamp! You said the only thing left is those only-children, the market economy, the connection with foreign countries, the corrupt officials, the rich feasts and the poisonous food! You said our ideal would never come true! God, god, without the ability to distinguish the right from wrong and the good from evil, how could you still be God? Now we died in vain! Now we died for nothing! In today’s society, the phenomenon of death in vain happens everywhere! In which day is there no death for nothing? In which day was there no death for nothing? I call you medical worker! Doctor Bethune! Servant for people! White-collar worker! Toy boy! Prince Charming! Away, away is sailing a single could white; On Farewell Beach pine away maples green! I call you God day after day! I call you Kwan-yin! You ask me to say the magical words once more! Amitabha! Amitabha in distress! Amitabha in distress in the past, present and future! You want me to Heaven! I call you good old boy! Old aunt! Old neighbor! You said you could not fall asleep, expecting to hear a plane in the middle of the night since you looked forward to your daughter coming back by plane. You said that your daughter had been to town for three years, only telling you that she had good life, good health, good job, good boss, good colleague, good policemen, good society, good sleep, good fun and good mood, yet without giving you a penny! I call you rich woman! Strong man! Thinker! Researcher! A good-for-nothing! Rookie! Beggar! Actor! Ah Q! Chief Commander! Editor! Reporter! Hooker! Medical orderly! Little giant! Do-all! Princess! Real estate salesman! Idol! Local policeman! Police beauty! Rapist! Fan! Football star! Zombie! Big shots! Super star!  Gorilla! Flyer! Astronaut! Green hand! Waiter! Waiter! Waiter~! You ran towards me and called me buddy! Master! Comrade! I gave you a blank look and you immediately called me sir! Boss! Big boss! Lord! Emperor! You Highness! Such names make you sick or comfortable? Satisfied or unsatisfied? I call you a man with a conscience! But there is something irrelated to conscience! I call you a well-educated person! But there is something irrelated to education! I call a courageous guy! But there is something irrelated to courage! I call you a man of principles! But there is something irrelated to principles! I call you a man with a dick! But there is something irrelated to dick! I call you bitch! But there is something irrelated to decency! I won’t stop calling you until you satisfactorily or unsatisfactorily communicate with me, a babbling yet sincere person, about different thoughts and knowledge. I won’t stop calling you until you satisfactorily or unsatisfactorily live in this complicated or pure, dirty or clean, boring or interesting, worthless or meaningful, dead or living world! Should I wake you up—?  What should I call you?!

﹝I stop, and start clapping rhythmically after a while.  
Following me, others also start clapping. Maybe even more people will join in.
I signal them to stop.


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