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As part of THERE IS NO I IN TEAM‘s international tour, this 3-day event happening at PROGRAM, Berlin, from 15th to 17th October 2009 brings together cutting-edge CHINESE VIDEO, LIVE AUDIOVISUALS AND PERFORMANCE ART and creative communities from both China and Berlin. The event is structured around the idea of making a live radio show focusing on rhizomatic networks stretching out from China to Berlin. The guests for THERE IS NO I IN TEAM belong to the same network of people who create their artistic projects on an individual basis but yet become public through a team of people who provide a context to make it public. The radio program created around the existing project THERE IS NO I IN TEAM installs itself in an exhibition space where the video works of Meiya Lin and Jin Shan raise questions about the role of the individual, hierarchy, power, migration, public space, market strategies and capitalism. These questions set up a framework for the talks, interviews, skype-conversations and lectures of the radio program and will be broadened further into 3 series of Chinese short films, screened in the evening. The radio show will be available as a podcast after the event but visitors are invited to drop in the ‘studio’ during the show. On the evening of the 16th there will be an audiovisual performance of Dead J and Chen Xiongwei where the outer space dub electro mixed with cold and warm soundscapes of Dead J melt into the urban sketches drawn by CXW. Harndorf, known from the collective Torstrasse Intim, will join us on the evening of the 17th. The very neurotic and very German figure has promised to learn some English so she can share her crude views on life, art and postmodern food with us in her live lecture „[ai] [ai] [ai]“. All of the above builds up the 3-day event THERE IS NO I IN TEAM, which, as seen from the public intervention of HomeShop, will be literally and metaphorically an open ‘window’ from Berlin to Beijing.
作为《只有团体没有个体》国际巡回展的一部分,这个在德国柏林“程序(PROGRAM)”项目基地举行的活动将持续三天,从2009年10月15日至17日,它为观众们带来最前沿的中国录像艺术、现场视听艺术和表演艺术,将中国和柏林的创意团体融汇一处。此次活动主要是为了打造一个研究从中国到柏林的根茎模式网络的现场电台节目。《只有团体没有个体》邀请的嘉宾是这样的一群人,他们最开始以个人名义进行艺术项目,但后来借助团体的力量才使其项目面向公众。围绕该项目创立的这个电台节目将被放置在展览空间内,该空间同时会播放林美雅和靳山的录像作品,而这些作品集中探讨了个体、等级制度、权利、移民、公共空间、市场策略和资本主义的作用。这些问题为电台节目构建了谈话、访问、skype对话和讲座的结构,并将其延伸至3组中国短片的晚间放映单元。这个电台节目将会在活动结束后被放到播客上,而访问者在节目中将被邀请到“工作室”里坐一坐。10月16日当晚,你会看到Dead J和陈雄伟的视听表演,陈雄伟绘制的城市素描将与Dead J创作的电子音乐和冷暖音景混合在一起。Torstrasse Intim组合中的Harndorf,也会参加10月17日当晚的演出。这个有点神经质的德国艺术家说她会学点英文,然后在现场演讲“iii(爱爱爱)”中跟大家分享她对生活、艺术和后现代食物的想法。以上就是《只有团体没有个体》三天的活动,从“家作坊”的公共干预的角度来看,该项目将成为从柏林到北京的隐喻性的开放之“窗”。

All of the works selected for THERE IS NO I IN TEAM capture an alternative vision of modern day China, whilst also reflecting on how the artists’ lives as well as their artistic practices have developed and been informed by their new cultural surroundings. Taking its title from an American motivational statement, used to encourage people to abandon their own ego and self so as to be an effective part of the team, the project has been curated by a ‘team’ of European and Chinese curators (Pauline Doutreluingne, Keri Elmsly, Keith Whittle, Jiang Jian, Leo de Boisgisson, Anne Rottig and Beatrice Leanza) each contributing a unique cultural viewpoint, whilst also sharing their firsthand knowledge of contemporary China and its rapidly expanding arts and music scene, in all its cross-disciplinary nature and differing methods of representation.
Following its successful first staging in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) presented by /sLab and Isis Arts in February 2008, and at venues such as the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, and further to its more recent presentation at the V&A, London in June 2008, we bring the project to Berlin in October 2009.
《只有团体没有个体》的所有作品都捕捉了当代中国的独特景观,同时也反映出艺术家的生活和他们在新的文化背景影响下催生并发展出的艺术实践。该展览的标题来自于美国的励志谚语,意在鼓励人们放弃自我而在团队中发挥效能,该项目也是由来自欧洲和中国的策展人团队(Pauline Doutreluingne, Keri Elmsly, Keith Whittle, Jiang Jian, Leo de Boisgisson, Anne Rottig and Beatrice Leanza)策划的。团队中的每个人都贡献了一种独特的文化视角,同时也以跨学科和多样的展览方式向大家展现了当代中国及其迅速发展的艺术和音乐方面的第一手知识。该项目最初是于2008年2月由 /s Lab and Isis Arts在英国泰恩河上的纽卡斯尔成功展出,接着于2008年6月的伦敦BALTIC当代艺术中心和V&A展出,最后我们将于2009年10月把这个项目带到柏林来。

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