For its 9th edition to be held from 30 June to 5 July 2009, the Swiss event for fantastic and Asian films and for futuristic images (NIFFF) presents its mysterious poster.

“This is all an illusion!” is the phrase that best describes both this poster and the festival’s approach to fantastic cinema: a cinema playing on appearances, whose aesthetic moves from the uncanny to humor, seduction, or violence; and filmmakers, from Georges Méliès to more contemporary directors, who present an out-of-joint reality where the imagination takes precedence over reason.

Mystery, glamour, and illusions will thus reign supreme over Neuchâtel’s movie theaters  from June 30 to July 5, where spectators will have the opportunity to discover the most anticipated films of the summer.

Symposium 研讨会 01-04


01 Symposium_9th Neuchâtel Fantastic Film Festival from LAB on Vimeo.


02 NIFFF_symposium from LAB on Vimeo.


03 NIFFF_symposium from LAB on Vimeo.


04 NIFFF_symposium from LAB on Vimeo.

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