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1162 - 2162 Another Thousand Years

Conceptualist | Curator: Li Zhenhua

        | Curatorial Eassy from Li Zhenhua

Art Works

        | Wu Ershan <Nomadic Plan in Outer Space> 2008

Nomadic Clothes/space suit
Mix Media
Size: H180cm
Material: white felt, metal insert etc

The first infant cries aloud, whose name is Tiemuzhen
Size: L240cm×W210cm×H105cm
Material: transparent acrylic 

Nomadic in Outer Space
Set of 3 (to be completed)
Size: L225cm ×H180cm
Material: photographic print

Artist's Statement:
'Nomadic Plan in Outer Space’
represents the Mongolians’ nomadic life in the Universe.
This set of artworks is part of ‘Nomadic Plan in Outer Space’ series. They are individual sculptures, installations and photographs, but also the costumes, clothing and stage photos from the film.

Curator’s Comments:
The artwork presents part of the project ‘Nomadic Plan in Outer Space’. This artwork is an example of imagining the future, with parallels to the ‘Secret History of the Mongols’ (regarding the birth of Genghis Khan). This uses the metaphor of the wolf and the deer and the blood clot in Khan’s hand, which can be seen as similar to Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. Both these visions are drawn from inspired imaginations and non-linear methods of linking the past, future and present times, presenting them as both separate and concurrent, an extension of the spirit influenced by Eastern Buddhism. These can all be seen as the future predictions.


Wu Ershan

1972          Born in Inner Mongolia, China
1988-1992  Studied at Fine Arts School [high school], Central Academy of Fine Arts
1992-1993  Studied at The Third Studio, Central Academy of Fine Arts
1994-1998  Studied at The Department of Direction, Beijing Film Academy

1999 Established One Production and lives in Beijing, China


1999 “Post-Sense Sensibility: Alien Bodies and Delusion” Beijing, China
2000 “FUCK OFF” Shanghai, China
2001 “Post-Sense Sensibility: Spree” Beijing
2001 “Mega Wave - Yokohama Triennial 2001” Japan
2001 “Nemesis” MSG Beijing, China
2002 “Guangzhou Triennial” Guangzhou, China
2003 “Post-Sense Sensibility: Revealing” Beijing
2004 “Busan Biennale” Busan, Korea
2004 “Shanghai Biennale” Shanghai, China
2005 “China International Gallery Exposition” Beijing
2005 “CAEP-Incest” Beijing, China
        "CAEP-Have a Cark Up One’s Sleeve” New York, USA
        "CAEP-24 Hours” Beijing, China
2005 “Guangzhou Triennial” Guangzhou, China
2006 “Borderline” Beijing, China
2006 “New Civil Movement-1st Songzhuang Art” Beijing, China
2007 “Wrong Code” Tang Contemporary Art Centre, Beijing, China

Palazzo Strozzi CCCS, Florence, Italy

March 20th - May 4th, 2008

Special Thanks:
Tang Contemporary Art Centre
Wang Jianwei
Joe martin Hill

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