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1162 - 2162 Another Thousand Years

Conceptualist | Curator: Li Zhenhua

        | Curatorial Eassy from Li Zhenhua

Art Works

        | Shen Shaomin <I am Chinese> 2006-2008

I’m Chinese
75 minutes / Color / DV

Executive: Shen Shaomin
Director: Shen Shaomin
Producer: Li Zhenhua
Associate Producer: Yang Zi
Photography: Wu Yan / Cheng Jianjun
Editor: Wu Yan
Chinese Captions: Wu Yan / Lv Bailiang / Liu Zhonghua
English Translation: Meng Fan / Madeleine O'Dea /John Brennan
Acknowledgement: Dong Bingfeng / Na Yingyu / 523 Image / Ouyang Lianhong

Produced by Shen Saomin Studio

Short intro from the Director:
Set in Hongjiang village on the Russian border. Hongjiang became a sanctuary for many Russians during WW1, WW2 and the October Revolution. This feature-length movie deals with the lives of these refugees as they recount their trials and transitions of their culture, race and religion as transmigrants.
During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, some of the Hongjiang Russians and their offspring were suspected of spying, and their village became known as the “Village of Spies”. Wanting to rid themselves of this stigma, the elders advocated marriage only to pure Chinese to mask their Russian appearance. Intermarriages became common and offspring often married their close relatives, with resulting genetic complications and a confused culture.
Their only aim was to change their racial features to become pure Chinese, become accepted within the Chinese community, and end the suffering …

Curator’s comment:
The presentation of this project differs from Shen’s previous works however the overall concept is still related to his interests in biological variation. Starting from the study of the character of biological variation based on its surface characteristics, this study goes one step further by focusing on changes to the human subject’s culture because of political, geographical and also social effects. This documentary is not only about the study of one topic in an artwork, but also a project on archaeological research in general. In this artwork, various lifestyles are categorized into various stages mixed in with this promiscuous environment, such as music/slaughter/ceremony. These religious, political and also social effects have created an ambiguous human status and difficult human relations.


Shen Shaomin

Born in Heilongjiang province, China
Live and works in Sydney, Australia and Beijng, China

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2007  “Tiananmen”, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
2007  “Kowtow Pump”, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
2007 “Bonsai”, Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, China
2007 “Fighter-X”, Platform China, Beijing, China
2006 “Scary Monsters”, Osage Contemporary Art Space, Hong Kong
2005 “The Organisms of Factory”, Urs Meile Gallery, Luzern, Switzerland
2001 “Transplantation”, Asia-Australia Art Centre, Sydney, Australia
1995 “Dialogue”, East & West Gallery, Melbourne

Selected Group Exhibitions
2007 “Maze”, Beijing, China
2007 “The Power of the Universe - the Fronter of Contemporary Chinese Art”, Asia Art Centre, Beijing, China
2007  “Soft Power - Asian Attitude”, Shanghai Zengdai Museum, Shanghai, China
2007 “Animal Ferocity”, Gallery Mook(Korea), Beijing, China
2007 “To get down to brass tacks” Ossage Art Space - Shanghai, China
2007 “Destination - Installation Art Exhibition”, Oriental Vista Art Collections, Shanghai, China
2007 “Thermocline of Art - New Asian Waves”- ZKM 10th anniversary exhibition, ZKM Museum, Karlsruhe, Germany
2007 “A Vision of the Future”, Osage Gallery, Hong Kong
2006 “Floweriness” Song Zhuang Museum, Beijing, China
2006 “Double-kick cracker”, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
2006 “Susi”, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Philipine
2006 “Liverpool Biennial”, Liverpool, England
2006  Polar Region to Tie Xi Qu", Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou, China
2006 “Endless Clone”, Space ieum, Dashanzi Art District, Beijing, P.R China

  1. “Ran”, Singapore Contemporary Art Show, Esplanade, Theatres on the bay, Visual Arts Space
  2. “The Second Guangzhou Triennial”, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou, China

2005 “Grounding Reality”, Asian Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2005 “Two Asia two Europe”,  Dolun MOMA, Shanghai, China
2005 “Ten thousand years”, post contemporary city, Beijing, China
2005 “Art Affair” - Kunshalle Faust, Hannover, Germany
2005 “Berliner Kunstsalon”, Berlin, Germany
2005 “Unusual Scene” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
2005 “Bern Art Exposition”, Bern, Germany
2005 “City Net” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2005 “Majiang”, Dr. Uli Sigg Chinese Contemporary Arts Collection Exhibition, The Fine Arts Museum of Bern, Switzerland
2005 “Blind Date” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Rheine, Germany
2005 “Break the Chain - Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition”, Datong-Daqing round-trip show, China
2005 “Critical - Zero Factory” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Dashanzi Art District, Beijing, China
2004 “Is it what?” Art Exhibition, Shanxi Provincial Art Museum, Xi’an, China
2004 “The 1st Architectural Biennial Beijing”, Beijing, China
2004 “Asian Traffic”, Asia-Australia Art Centre, Sydney, Australia
2003 “Open Sky” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai Duolun MOMA, Shanghai, China
2003 “Left Wing” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Left Bank Community, Beijing, China
2003 “Alternative Modernity” Contemporary Art Exhibition, X-Ray Art Centre, Beijing, China
2003 “Düsseldorf Art Exhibition”, Museum Kunst Palast, Ehrenhof, Düsseldorf, Germany
2003 “Science Fictions” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

Palazzo Strozzi CCCS, Florence, Italy

March 20th - May 4th, 2008

Special Thanks:
Tang Contemporary Art Centre
Wang Jianwei
Joe martin Hill

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