one world exposition 平行世界

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HC Gilje works with installations, live performance, set design and single-channel video. Gilje has presented his work through different channels throughout the world: in concert-venues, theatres and cinemas, galleries, festivals, outdoors and through several international DVD releases, including 242.pilots live in Bruxelles on New York label Carpark and Cityscapes on Paris-label Lowave. He was a member of the video-impro trio 242.pilots, and was also the visual motor of dance company kreutzerkompani. Gilje initiated the project "Conversations with spaces" (while working as a research fellow at Kunstakademiet in Bergen 2006-9) where he explores how audiovisual technology can be used to transform, create, expand, amplify and interpret physical spaces. HC lives and works in Bergen (NO). He was educated at Kunstakademiet in Trondheim 95-99.

APP ART AWARD 2011 应用程序艺术奖

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App goes Art // Art goes App Contest 2011

The ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe and CAS Software AG, CyberForum e.V., together with the partners MFG Baden-Württemberg - Public Innovation Agency for ICT and Media, GFT Technologies AG and BOKELA GmbH present the International AppArtAward 2011.

We select the best works of art in app format that have advanced to artistic applications and/or have distinguished themselves as technically outstanding software solutions.

Software developers and artists, as well as all fans of app with creative and innovative applications, may apply.

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