To write about art implies translating the meaning of images into words. This is not a simple matter, for images are not unequivocal; they can be ‘read’ symbolically, as a visual grammar or conceptually. A single work of art is never sufficient to permit valid interpretation at all three levels. Since Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations we have known that words and sentences can only be interpreted correctly if we know the linguistic ‘rules of the game’.
为艺术写点什么意味着你得用文字表达影像的内涵。这不是一件简单的事,影像是含混不清的;你可以用视觉语言从概念上对影像进行象征性“解读”。但任何单独的艺术作品都不足以支撑这三个层次的全方位解读。根据维特根斯坦(Ludwig Wittgenstein)的哲学研究,我们都知道,只有懂得语言学的“游戏规则”,才能正确地解读文字和句子。
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